Media Monitoring

We provide media monitoring services from selected Indonesian mainstream media, both print and online, as well as social media. Every day, our media monitoring team summarizes headlines and picks highlights of the day that help our clients meet their daily need for information.

The controversy and debate behind involving TNI

There has been increasing media coverage surrounding the Indonesian Military’s (TNI) involvement in counterterrorism efforts and the House of Representatives passing a bill on terrorism this week. In fact, the TNI’s involvement was among underlying debates behind the prolonged Terrorism Law revision....


One perspective on the monetary dilemma

The rupiah has further depreciated, with reports saying it touched Rp 14,190 per United States dollar on Monday. With news of calming US-China trade relations, the number is likely to increase. The projection made by several experts in the media today is somewhat viable, since Bank Indonesia’s (BI) decision to raise its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points (bps) was too late and had failed to prevent the rupiah’s value from deteriorating further....


Post reform economy and rural urban gap

Indo Barometer’s survey results on the economy and public perception in the post-reform era is not as shocking as they may sound, as the rural economic machinery was not prioritized similarly to the one during Soeharto era by post-reform governments....


Holistic antiterrorism approach is needed

New, different types of terror are now facing Indonesia as child suicide bombers and random attacks targeting non-western and noncombatant targets become closer threats....


Counterterrorism responses in limbo

Discussions about terrorism have continued after the government’s swift response to the threat was not backed by legal authority. With the revision of the Antiterrorism Law unfinished, the government is yet to possess firm legal grounds for the actions it has planned or conducted over the past three days....


The worrying import growth

The Indonesian economy is put to the test as the rupiah depreciation could possibly worsen due to an aggravating trade-account deficit following reports of increasing imports in April....