Tenggara Backgrounder August 24

The forgotten election: The battle for House of Representatives seats

With the general elections just eight months to go, much of the national focus and energy has been devoted to the presidential election. Scant attention has been given to other important elections that will take place simultaneously on April 17: the race for the House of Representatives, the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) and the provincial and city/regency legislative councils. 


Grasping implications of campaign teams’ structure

While the drama on who’s teaming up with who has passed, candidates still have long way to go to presidency. How they will stage their campaigns may be inferred from campaign teams’ structures and the figures nominated for central positions in each team. 

Hasty implementation of OSS creates problems

The launching of Online Single Submission (OSS) system were met with various responses from business people. Some have praised the initiative while others have complained about its failure to deliver the promised bureaucratic efficiency. 

Jokowi proposes another populist budget

The announcement of the 2019 draft budget during the annual presidential address to the legislature on Aug.16 revealed that inequality alleviation and human development are becoming the next featured focuses after infrastructure development.