Tenggara Backgrounder October 5

Questioning the urgency of foreign aid

After the 7.4-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that devastated Central Sulawesi on Sept. 29, the government has been under duress to declare the tragedy as a national disaster and accept foreign assistance. A number of considerations, however, may impede the government from doing so.


Who is the most nationalist among us?

As the 2019 general elections are approaching, the rhetoric of nationalism, a recurrent theme, has been frequently employed by candidates. Now, Indonesia’s economic cooperation with China appears to be the newest target, prompting the spread of Sinophobia in the country.


Bad financing troubles Bank Muamalat 

The financial crisis faced by Bank Muamalat starting from 2014 has led Indonesia’s first Syariah-bank to suffer from financial problems and in need for cash injection. The battle between the two investors, Ilham Habibie and Dato Sri Tahir is moving into new direction.


The fight against overfishing face resistances

Susi Pudjiastuti’s efforts to prevent overfishing and promote sustainable ocean economy face tough pressure from businesses and prominent actors. Many in the sector see the efforts as unfriendly to business due to the “negative” impact to the industry.