Tenggara Backgrounder December 14

Attack in Papua, Jokowi’s miscalculated program

The recent massacre of civilian workers in Nduga Regency, Papua, reminds the public about the long-protracted issue in Papua. Despite vigorous developmental efforts in the region, local conflicts still mar Papua’s security and stability. What possibly went wrong?


Pancasila education reminisces New Order’s

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s plan to revive Pancasila education into the national school curriculum echoes former President Soeharto’s Pancasila indoctrination program. This time, Jokowi may employ the same strategy to counter the rise of Islamism.


News SKKMigas chief faces daunting tasks

Dwi Soetjipto, sacked from his position as CEO of state oil and gas giant Pertamina almost two years ago, was appointed last week as the head of the Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Special Tas Force (SKKMigas). His tasks would include, but not limited to, two daunting tasks: speeding up the progress of Masela block in Maluku and the Indonesia Deepwater Development (IDD) in Kalimantan. How the man behind Semen Indonesia establishment should maneuver this time? 


Indonesia’s worrying plastic consumption

The discovery of a dead sperm whale with nearly 6 kilograms of plastic waste in its stomach at the Wakatobi National Park in Southeast Sulawesi urged the government to prepare stronger waste control and management regulations. Regardless of government attempt to levy environmental tax, there are underlying issues that have to be pushed to industry players before implementing such levy.