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Tenggara Backgrounder January 18

New BNPB chairman signals revival of militarism

The appointment of Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo as the new Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) chairman may carry greater implications not only for the agency itself, but for the country’s civil bureaucracy at large. Being an active military officer, speculation about the potential ways that Doni’s appointment could change the BNPB is rife. Following a series of natural disasters last year, challenges, hopes and expectations now rest on Doni’s shoulders. 


For KPK, terror threats are occupational hazards

A device that made to look like explosives were thrown separately at the house of two leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on Jan. 9. KPK commissioners and staffers, including investigators, are used to getting death threats. While those working for KPK accept death-and-terror threats as occupational hazards and they are not deterred in their work in going after corrupt state officials, the National Police’s performance in uncovering real cases of harassment against KPK is dismal. 


RI to become key player in electric vehicle industry

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo surprised automotive industry players when he announced after a special Cabinet meeting on Monday that Indonesia would soon enter the electric vehicle industry and the government was preparing necessary regulations to support it. For Indonesia, the switch to electric vehicle would benefit both the economy and the government’s environmental goal.


Timber verification in Papua faces challenges

Following the arrest of Papua Forestry Agency head Jan Jaap Ormuseray, deeper issue could be seen underbelying the misuse of the timber legality assurance system (SVLK) in Papua. From the perspective of the indigenous communities, the SVLK system does not provide immediate economic benefits to Papua’s indigenous communities.