Tenggara Backgrounder November 2

Transactional politics remains in 2019

The costly campaign and elections would likely to maintain transactional politics or vote-buying in Indonesian electoral system. With companies and major donors piling up their money for their champions, candidates are facing potential “favor payback” pressure once winning, since there is no such thing as free lunch.


A new saga of the Islamic movement

The flag burning incident in Garut is speculated as an attempt to pitch the revival of identity politics, particularly the phenomenon of hardline Islamic organization, ahead of the 2019 general elections. How the presidential candidates address the incident will affect how future episode unravels.


Rice data polemic: where is the surplus?

The announcement of the new rice data by Statistics Indonesia (BPS) reveals a bigger problem in the country’s rice production. The new data disclosed by BPS on surplus is 4.5 times lower than the Agriculture Ministry’s number, sparking a question whether Indonesia should redefine its rice policy and rice self-sufficiency goal.


Problems remain in minimum wage setting

The Government Regulation No 78/2015 has brought the needed assurance on    minimum wage increase for business. However, a comprehensive solution is needed as it remains protested by labor unions. Unfortunately, both presidential candidates have yet to address the issue despite how politically valuable the unions are.