Tenggara Backgrounder October 12

Fake news permeating Indonesian politics

The circulation of allegations concerning an assault against activist Ratna Sarumpaet demonstrates the severity of fake news phenomenon in Indonesia and how it affects the political processes in the country. As the 2019 general elections are approaching, the spread of fake news might even influence the outcome of the elections. 


Vying for the hot seat

Following Sandiaga Uno's vice-presidential candidacy, Gerindra and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) have been scrambling for the vacant Jakarta deputy gubernatorial seat. Several politicians from both parties have been touted to fill the position. 


Banking sector steadfast against Fed’s pressure

The US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy resulted in widespread anxiety about rupiah stability and Indonesian financial sector in general. Nevertheless, data from Financial Services Authority (OJK) revealed that the national banking sector is more resilient that we all might think.


SOE’s hostile treatment threatens private investor

The government’s efforts to boost private sector participation in its national strategic infrastructure projects have faced a setback, following the North Jakarta District Court’s controversial ruling on the litigation over the Marunda Port development project between PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (KBN) and PT Karya Citra Nusantara (KCN).