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Challenges for Indonesia in the Asia-Pacific region

Since the end of the Cold War in 1991, East Asia has gone through dramatic changes. First, it lived through a short era of one superpower reigning supreme, the United States. The demise of America’s chief nemesis, the Soviet Union, had paved th...


Boosting confidence, promoting inclusive growth

As we transition to a new fiscal year, this republic is presented with a credible 2018 state budget that aims to further strengthen economic resilience and promote inclusive growth. The global economic outlook is showing signs of an upswing. Ind...


Maintaining financial stability while supporting growth

Jakarta - Indonesia’s central bank, Bank Indonesia (BI) will continue to focus its policy mix on maintaining macroeconomic and financial stability, which is a basic prerequisite for creating a more sustainable economic recovery. The monetary po...


Addressing land holding inequality

Poverty eradication is high on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo administration’s agenda. On his election campaign trail in Bandung, West Java, on July 3, 2014, he elucidated how he would address the acute poverty among 29 million citi...