Advisory & Advocacy

We help businesses and institutions navigate their operations in Indonesia’s intricate political and business landscape. We provide insights and advice based on both open-source and background information, business intelligence and our researchers’ and experts’ empirical analysis. The multidisciplinary background of our team members and experts enables us to pinpoint and analyze a broad range of issues, from economics and politics to social and communication issues. 

In advisory, our researchers and advisers sit alongside business and institutional clients to facilitate their thinking, help them get clear on the unknowns their businesses and operations may face due to changes in regulations and forces outside their control, and help them define future risks and build scenario-based plans for their businesses and operations in Indonesia. To do this, we often mobilize our resources from our founding institutions, especially Prasetiya Mulya University. 

We also help businesses and institutions influence policy-makers and the society at large to improve the environment where they operate and create a level-playing field for all. In advocacy, we work together with likeminded stakeholders in creating an inclusive and sustainable environment for all, with no one left behind. We often capitalize on the networks of our founders, especially the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and The Jakarta Post.