We provide a weekly political and business-economic briefing service through Tenggara Backgrounder, which combines insights and research analysis by experts from the CSIS and Prasetiya Mulya University as well as background information from The Jakarta Post journalists. Each edition of Tenggara Backgrounder contains analyses of at least two political and two business-economic issues, with each issue carefully chosen based on the political and economic situation in the week of publication.

Other than analyses, our Backgrounder provides exclusive insights into what is happening behind the scenes along with insider scoops that are unavailable in mainstream media. The insider scoops aim to complement our researchers’ analyses with the ground situation so as to give a more comprehensive perspective for clients in understanding the intricacies of economic and political occurrences and their impacts on the business community. 

We offer customized backgrounder to interested clients on specific economic and political issues that might be most relevant to their particular needs to help clients anticipate future challenges and minimize risks effectively in 
doing business.