In the current era where the exchange and flow of information is constant, conducting research is an integral part of business organizations’ decision-making processes, especially when it comes to major operations. Through proper research and analysis, business players can remain well-informed to develop the best strategy and stay one step ahead in the current competitive environment. 

Conducting extensive research, however, requires time, sources and effort, to which not all members of the business community can be disposed. Tenggara Strategics offers tailored research services to help our clients get a better understanding of political intricacies, economic policies and social issues in Indonesia. Our vast network of information and resources enables us to conduct rigorous investigative research with cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative methods on the economy, business dynamics and social sciences to present insightful analyses at the national and regional levels for your decision-making needs. 

We conduct research not only on conventional research projects, but also on background checks, stakeholder mapping and risk and issue mapping to help our clients make decisions, anticipate future challenges and minimize risks effectively in doing business.