Tenggara Strategics is a business and investment research and advisory institute founded by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), The Jakarta Post and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. In today’s dynamic, fast-paced and uncertain world, Tenggara Strategics provides the most reliable and comprehensive business intelligence to the business community. It is our primary objective to keep our clients informed and help them grow by making changes, solving challenges, grasping opportunities and seizing advantages.

Our belief in inclusivity guides us in providing insights and perspectives that are not only detailed but also all-encompassing and multidimensional to help our clients make strategic decisions. The multidisciplinary background of our team members enables us to pinpoint and analyze a broad range of issues, from economics and politics to social and communication issues. Our insights are derived not only from our researchers’ theoretical and empirical analyses, but also from insider scoops that are not publicly available, allowing us to offer both data-based analyses as well as reports based on ground situations.




Empower businesses and institutions to grow sustainably

  1. Provide businesses and institutions with rigorous research and business intelligence on the business, economic and socio-political dynamics in Indonesia.
  2. Encourage partnerships among businesses and institutions to grow together through strategic dialogue and events.
  3. Facilitate businesses and institutions in tapping into investment opportunities in Indonesia through consultancy.

Our Specialities

Holistic ecosystem

Founded by a prominent think tank, a leading English-language newspaper and a business-oriented educational institution, we offer a unique and holistic ecosystem to provide our clients with the most comprehensive business and policy insights.


We collect and analyze open-source information and enrich it with background information obtained from our extensive network to provide our clients with the most reliable intelligence.

Rigorous research

Our team consists of competent researchers and prominent academic experts with decades of experience in rigorous methodologies and research, allowing them to come up with the most accurate and reliable insights to solve our client's problems.

Ethical awareness

We highly value transparency and integrity in conducting our affairs, ensuring best practices are carried out and partnerships undertaken can benefit our partners and society.



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A well-recognized research and policy institution both at national and international levels.

The most established English-language media outlet in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s leading provider of private business education programs.