Media Monitoring

We provide media monitoring services from selected Indonesian mainstream media, both print and online, as well as social media. Every day, our media monitoring team summarizes headlines and picks highlights of the day that help our clients meet their daily need for information.

We provide customized media monitoring services to clients in which we offer daily tracking of news of clients’ brands, areas of work and interests appearing in mainstream media as well as social media.

Tenggara Strategics media monitoring services differ from those of others in the strength of our analysis and provide background on clients’ areas of interest.


We offer tailored research services to help our clients get a better understanding of economic, policy and social issues in Indonesia. Our vast network of information and resources enables us to combine rigorous investigative reporting with cutting-edge quantitative methods in economics and social sciences to present insightful analyses at the national and local levels for your decision-making needs.

In collaboration with our founders – the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), The Jakarta Post and Prasetiya Mulya University – our research team is currently developing expertise in digital economy and sustainable natural resources management.

Strategic Briefing

We organize exclusive quarterly briefings on Indonesian politics and economy for C-level executives to help them make strategic decisions. We deploy leading experts from our founders – the CSIS, The Jakarta Post and Prasetiya Mulya University – to lead thoughtful discussions and rich interaction among a limited number of participants.  

We also offer exclusive in-house briefings to interested parties on their areas of interest. We also offer a Sounding Board service to corporations, to accompany their board of directors in their strategic meetings or annual planning.