Tenggara Talk is a video podcast bringing Millennials and Gen Z closer to Indonesian politics. Fronted by Tenggara Strategics and facilitated by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Indonesia, The Jakarta Post and Universitas Prasestiya Mulya, this podcast focuses on Indonesia's road to the 2024 elections, presenting deep and nuanced discussions on the very issues shaping the country's political year.

From Indonesia's presidential candidates' nominations and political parties' coalition building to voting behaviors and identity politics, an array of voices will be part of Tenggara Talk including high-profile politicians, political experts, election regulators, and businesspersons. Tenggara Talk is produced in Indonesian.

With Indonesia's 2024 elections less than a year away, supporting citizens - especially young citizens - to become responsible, well-informed voters are critical to achieving a successful and democratic electoral process. At Tenggara Talk, our goal is more important than ever before: to provide a neutral voter and civic education for Indonesian voters.

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