We provide our clients with a platform to communicate the findings of our collaborative research and advisory services. The platform could come in the form of public events, articles in The Jakarta Post and other media, as well as a featured episode for Tenggara Talk.
Public events
How can I establish an event featuring distinguished leaders as guest speakers who can address multiple initiatives that my business is striving for?
At Tenggara Strategics, we provide public event production services that cater to our clients' needs and goals. We organize public events such as research and advisory dissemination, seminars, forums and the like. We also offer speaker sourcing services by providing our clients with notable speakers for their public events.
Tenggara Talk
How can I can share my business insights to a wider audience?
Tenggara Talk is a podcast service currently featuring politicians contesting the 2024 elections. Soon, we will open Tenggara Talk for businesspeople who wish to sit down for an interview and share their exclusive business wisdom. At your request, we will feature your interview in The Jakarta Post.
How can my business get featured in Indonesia's mainstream media?
We can write up the findings and insights of our collaborative research and advisory services into articles that are fit for publication in The Jakarta Post, Indonesia's most established English-language media outlet. We also help publish the articles in other Indonesian publications that suit the clients' needs.