Advisory services

As part of our business advisory services, our experts, who are proven leaders in their respective industries, provide strategies and insight to help our clients transform their businesses and meet their goals. We guide our clients from the analytical design stage to technical execution using multiple top-down, bottom-up and end-to-end approaches that help them manage growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), partnership initiative, funding and initial public offerings (IPOs).
Growth strategy
How should I grow the business in this uncertain economy?
Tenggara's Advisory Team will assist in assessing the condition of your business to determine the best course of action, be it through M&A, IPO, Credit-Funding, PE/VC Fund-Raising, Divestment or other potential options.
Valuation and planning
How should I achieve a specific funding or revenue target for my business?
Tenggara’s Advisory Team will assist in conducting the valuation and feasibility study of your business to determine the worth and the continuation of your business. This includes evaluating historical performance, assessing projected performance and implementing valuation frameworks such as multiples and comparables, a discounted cash flow model (DCF) or asset-based valuations.
How should I get expert support to help me execute deals and/or manage operations?
Tenggara's Advisory Team can be your confidante to manage your business with our “as-a-service” program in which we execute all the necessary business transformation strategies into a successful operating company on behalf of the management.
Market entry
How can I successfully venture into a new market?
With Tenggara's market experts and advisors, we can help you position yourself well in a new landscape through comprehensive planning, case studies, market insights, strategic partnerships and business execution. Depending on your business and financial readiness, we will provide you with solutions that meet your needs.
Regulatory compliance
Will my business be affected by current regulations and how can I be prepared for the necessary legal requirements to grow my business?
With our in depth understanding the political landscape, we will be able to provide you with information that is aligned with your compliance needs, including advising you on specific updated regulatory requirements for your business, connecting you to the right team in government bodies, preparing the right materials for your licensing needs and drafting contracts and performing KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYE (Know Your Employee) on your behalf.
Other advisory services?
What other services can my business get from the Tenggara team?
We have a range of experts in our networks, and we could help you manage your growth opportunities as well as address your business challenges. With our networks, we can help you find a potential buyer for your business, prepare your company for an IPO, or meet your funding needs.
Talk to us about your specific business advisory needs.