Research services

Conducting research is an integral part of business organizations’ decision-making processes, especially when it comes to major operations. Conducting extensive research, however, requires time, sources and effort, to which not all members of the business community can be disposed. Tenggara Strategics offers tailored research services to help our clients get a better understanding of the political intricacies, economic policies, social issues and market dynamics in Indonesia.
Market Research
What kind of assessments can be generated to help me make important decisions regarding my company?
We formulate multiple analyses from selected frameworks best suited to your business, including business analysis, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, customer journey analysis and competitor perceptual analysis through both internal due-diligence and macro/microeconomic factors and market insight gained from surveys, interviews, focus groups and customer observations.
Stakeholder mapping & engagement
Who are the key stakeholders and how might they impact my business? What strategic moves should I undertake to engage with them effectively?
We offer stakeholder mapping to identify and profile key actors relevant to specific issues. Utilizing data and open-source information, we map these stakeholders and their interests. We then employ our network of journalists to calibrate the results of our open-source mapping of actors and issues so that we can offer stakeholder engagement services that are based on the results of the stakeholder mapping.
Policy analysis and advocacy
How can I effectively influence key stakeholders and the public on my policy agenda?
Our service encompasses meticulous policy analysis, delving into a spectrum of issues, from industry-specific regulations to economic incentives and sustainability issues. We help public institutions, associations and civil society organizations to advance their policy agenda with independent analysis of policy implications to society and businesses. We conduct focus group discussions, interviews and surveys to calibrate certain policy agenda, and give unbiased recommendations to key stakeholders.
Customized Backgrounder
What current political and economic situations may affect my business?
We provide updated information that can impact your business at a macro level. This includes expert opinions on the current affairs of Indonesia’s economic landscape and information from field journalists. We offer a customized backgrounder to our clients on issues that fit their interests.
Customized Media Monitoring
What specific industry situations may affect my business?
We provide customized reports on select industry insights that can impact your business. This includes your brand’s receptiveness in the market, competitor movement alerts and information about available market deals.
Other research services
What other research services could we request from Tenggara?
We have a pool of researchers from various backgrounds, including those in our founders CSIS Indonesia and Prasetiya Mulya University. Our vast network of information and resources enable us to conduct rigorous investigative research with cutting edge quantitative and qualitative methods on the economy, business dynamics and social sciences to present insightful analysis at the national, regional and industry levels. We conduct research not only on conventional research projects, but also on background checks, perception audits, risk and issue mapping to help our client make decisions, anticipate future challenges and minimize risks effectively in doing business.
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