Tenggara Backgrounder Aug 10

Should Nawa Cita be continued?

With presidential campaign approaching, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was seen upgrading his Nawa Cita (nine goals) platform to his new vision for the upcoming term. The Nawa Cita, however, is being re-formulated to target human capital development and poverty, something that have been exploited politically by his opponents.

Jostling coalitions: legislative or presidential election?

The year 2019 holds great political significance for political parties as they have to confront two electoral battles in the same year. The political upheaval and “tacky” coalition prior to candidate registration period on Thursday reflected how the race for government and parliament may intensify.

Jonan deals blow to Chevron over IDD and Rokan

The Rokan Block operation permit handover to Pertamina from Chevron might be more controversial than just a fair business consideration. While the Block may seem as an attempt to revitalize Pertamina’s financial, it was actually related to a bigger energy outlook.

Indonesia weighing possible trade spat with US

Although the US and Indonesian officials have settled the issue of generalized system of preferences (GSP), the Trump’s administration apparently will not be satisfied until Indonesia at least pay the price for its continuous trade surplus with the US.