Tenggara Backgrounder September 14


Team Jokowi forges ahead, Team Prabowo struggles

The battle between Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Prabowo Subianto are entering new phase. With the election campaign slated to start on Sept.23, incumbent President Jokow has put together his dream team. On the other hand, challenger Prabowo was reported to struggle building his own dream team.

Overcoming the outbreak of the collective corruption

Corruption oh corruption. The recently exposed collective corruption cases in several regional legislative councils are carrying two urgencies: the need for long-term anti-corruption programs and electoral system restructuring to end the vicious circle of corruption.

OJK involves fintech association to police industry

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has stepped up its enforcement on the rapidly growing financial technology sector (fintech). The issuance of Regulation No. 13/2018 provides a thorough legal umbrella for the industry. With a lot of untapped potentials available, the regulator is teaming with industry’s players, such as the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTech Indonesia) to avoid taking the wrong step.

A fresh start to fix Garuda’s financial woes

State owned airline Garuda Indonesia is attempting for a fresh start after being trapped with corruption and mismanagement issues. The appointment of new president director is slated to rejuvenate the biggest premium class airline in Indonesia. Nevertheless, tough challenges await the new board to bringing the company back on track.