May 6, 2019

KPPOD Brief April-June 2018 edition

This edition of Regional Autonomy Watch (KPPOD) briefly discusses the topic of bureaucratic reform, with five specific issues raised. The first issue examines problems that Indonesia faces regarding bureaucratic reform in the issuance of business permits. Two solutions are offered, namely regulation (and deregulation) and bureaucratization (and de-bureaucratization).  

The second issue highlights the progress of administrative reform in taxation and its role in increasing total regional revenue (PAD). It is argued that administrative reform based on the concept of good governance is as important as improving regulations and policies in order to boost regional tax revenue.

The third issue studies the challenges of reforming bureaucracy to ensure the neutrality of state institutions in political contestations. Politicized bureaucracy and politicking bureaucrats, however, still pose a problem in the country.

The fourth issue raises the urgency of bureaucratic reform in the research area, particularly in regard to difficulties in obtaining research permits from the central government. Revising or abolishing regulations on research permits is argued as a feasible solution in solving this problem.

Lastly, issues related to the mining industry and how they disadvantage local residents were debated. It is argued that because the lack of bureaucratic transparency has been a disservice to locals, including surrounding the mining industry, the involvement of multistakeholders is needed in order to ensure responsible bureaucrats. 

A discussion of these specific issues is expected to highlight the ongoing problems that must be solved in order for the government to have world-class bureaucracy in the country.