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Perceptions and Readiness of Indonesia towards the Belt and Road Initiative

In the context of the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and China, BRI will play a vital role. China and Indonesia are among the most populous countries in the world. In 2016, the population of China is 1.37 billion. Meanwhile, Indonesia&rsquo...


Grab Research: Grab's Role in Unlocking Indonesia's Informal Economy in 2018

Abstract: Indonesia’s informal sector, which comprises workers who are self-employed, running small businesses or who are casually employed, is ripe for disruption.Technology can help democratize Indonesia’s economy in ways not previously...


Incumbent, Patronage and Money Politics in Java

Abstract: Money politics and patronage have often played a part in Indonesia’s post-Reform Era politics. Due to the belief that money politics and patronage can affect voters’ preferences, political candidates often employ these two facto...


Economic voting in Indonesia: How economic factors influence political preferences

Abstract: Increasing discussions on economic issues prior to 2019 presidential election indicates that economic factors play a role voters’ electoral preference. A 2018 CSIS survey on regional elections found that people’s political prefe...


Center for Strategic and International Studies Identity politics in 2019 presidential election: Projection and effectiveness

Abstract: Two years after the 212 rally on Dec. 2, 2016, Indonesia is still trying to understand the reasons behind the hardline movement, as well as the process and impacts. This article specifically attempts to analyze the electoral effect of the 2...


KPPOD Brief April-June 2018 edition

This edition of Regional Autonomy Watch (KPPOD) briefly discusses the topic of bureaucratic reform, with five specific issues raised. The first issue examines problems that Indonesia faces regarding bureaucratic reform in the issuance of business per...